Creating Customers For Life

At Forca, we noticed a disconnect between supplement brands and their customers: even the flashiest formulations and slickest marketing campaigns couldn’t guarantee a repurchase.

Instead, customers were driven by RESULTS.

Using our mobile platform for health and fitness enthusiasts, we were able to provide customer guidance through simple-to-follow plans designed to increase supplement effectiveness.

The results were staggering: repurchases increased by 267%, proving that helping customers reach their goals is the ultimate way to win repeat business.


While testing a new “Buy Now” feature in our app’s supplement section, we noticed a huge disconnect in the way people buy and consume nutritional supplements.

User data clearly showed that supplement consumers were highly influenced by social media personalities. However, loyalty to these influencers failed to translate into loyalty to the brands they were promoting.

We wanted to figure out what exactly was going on here: were the supplements simply not working for some people, or were there other factors at play? And what could we do to increase customer loyalty by helping them achieve the results they craved?

To find out, we conducted a study with 60 individuals. Both groups purchased a pre-workout of their choice. The control group consisted of 30 users who received support and motivation using various features in the Forca App. The remaining 30 were left to their own.

The results were clear: the unsupported users saw minimal results, while the Forca App users thrived. The problem wasn’t with supplement formulas, it was how customers used them.

Even the best products are useless without the proper regimen.


Step 1: Free Plans are Highly Convertible

Our initial outreach strategy focused on targeting users assumed to have a high likelihood of purchasing supplements, ideally from traffic source with high lifetime customer value. To achieve this, we distributed free plan offers across a network of premium publishers.

Step 2: Give the Customers More

After users create an account with one of our free plan offers, we reach out inside the app to establish a connection. By using answers from onboarding questions and in-app messaging, we’re able to provide the perfect regimen to help them see results.

Step 3: Unparalleled Support and Motivation

Through the use of in-app messaging, we have direct access to the user 24/7. This allows us to help them overcome any barriers they’re facing, and provide motivation when they need it the most.

Step 4: Timing is Everything

We can track servings consumed through our supplement plans, which means we can reach out when our users need a refill reminder, additional supplementation to enhance their regimen, or have other needs we can anticipate. We’ve used this information to craft and deliver highly specific emails and push notifications at the perfect point in the user’s journey.


We found that the use of the Forca App massively improves the chances of a repeat purchase by providing the missing information, support, and motivation that customers needed to see results from their supplements.

The difference was significant: Forca App users had a 267% increased chance of buying again compared to the individuals not using the app.

Utilizing every tool available, we ultimately drove repeat purchases for 22 out of 30 users in this study. Comparatively, only 6 out of the 30 individuals that hadn’t used the app said they were likely to buy again.

When analyzing the CTR of free plan offers vs. standard ads, we found the free plan option outperforms by 170%.

Highly targeted email marketing, using servings track analytics along with custom sharable deep links drove an additional 39 free plan installs from only 30 users.