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Getting Paid

Payments | Tax Info

In keeping with policies of other marketplaces, and in accordance with IRS reporting rules, Forca does not issue 1099-MISCs to Professionals. To access your yearly earning report, you can view your earnings directly from your Stripe account.

All Professionals are users of the Forca platform. No matter the type of income you’re reporting, you are not considered an employee of Forca. As such, you are not required to provide Forca EIN (Employer Identification Number) on your tax return.

Q: Isn’t a Form 1099-MISC required to file my taxes?

A: No. You are obligated to report income you receive, whether or not that income is reported on IRS Form 1099-MISC or any other tax report.

Q: Can someone at Forca help me figure out how to declare my income?

A: Forca is not able to provide you with any tax advice. As every person’s situation is different, we recommend that you consult your own tax advisor.

Q: Will I have to fill out a Form W-9 if Forca is not issuing my Form 1099-MISC?

A: Forca is required by the IRS to collect Form W-9 (US Instructors) and Form W-8BEN (non-US Instructors).

The VAT (Value Added Tax) and GST (Goods & Services Tax) is a form of consumption tax on goods and services. The Japanese Consumption Tax in Japan is a type of VAT. VAT / GST rates and regulations vary across geographies.

Apple and Google, who run the iTunes and GooglePlay stores, respectively, handle all purchases on the mobile platform and will collect and remit VAT / GST.

Forca Marketplace is a fast-growing, health and fitness solution, offering a curated selection of leading fitness and nutrition professionals around the world.

Revenue Share

Revenue is calculated on volume of plan purchases and program purchases. As percentage splits change from time to time depending on various factors please check current rates inside of the app plan creation sections.

Payment Schedule

Revenue from Forca Marketplace will be reflected in your revenue report on the 3rd business day of each month, for plans and programs sold in the previous month. For example, revenue from August will be reflected in your revenue report on the 3rd business day of September.

Forca pays professionals 30 days after the end of the month. For example, if a user purchases your plan at any time in August, you will receive a payment within the first ten days of October. This delay allows all purchases to pass the 30 day refund period.

My Payment is Due and I Haven’t Received Anything

  • Check that your Stripe account is verified to receive payments.
  • Check to see that your Stripe account is listed as Active and can receive payments. For information on how to set up your payment method, please click here.

If you’re still having trouble, please contact Forca Support. Be sure to mention the monthly payments that you haven’t received.

There is no fee to create and host a plan or program on Forca, and you can create as many free and paid plans as you like. We believe in a sustainable partnership, where professionals are rewarded for creating amazing content and bringing users to the platform, and Forca is rewarded for driving new users to our professionals.

In-App Purchases: For sales on the Forca iOS and Android apps, Apple and Google charge a 30% fee on the total sale.